Our specialist construction partners can deliver on major or minor projects around  your property, from coat of paint to more significant remodelling of your home.

We provide you with  the selection of quality local suppliers and can obtain quotes from different contractors. We then monitor and communicate progress and quality (taking photos, short videos, sending invoices),  provide you with guidance and  alternatives where appropriate.

And the most importantly we and our partners are always available and eager to help. 



      Range of jobs

      • Comprehensive reforms of flats or houses
      • Partial reforms of flats or houses
      • Changes in housing structure
      • Creation of new spaces indoors and outdoors
      • Demolitions
      • Painting
      • Plumbing, electrical instalations, carpentry, etc.
      • Installation of plasterboard
      • Renovations of  bathrooms
      • Kitchen renovations (including furniture assembly)
      • Installation of floors (wood, ceramic, vinyl, etc.)
      • Lighting
      • Lacquering and varnishing ( doors, cabinets, windows, furniture)
      • Smoothing of ceilings and walls
      • Tiles
      • Decoration with wallpaper, decorative paint and special paints
      • Aluminum carpentry (enclosures and windows)
      • Plasters
      • Registrable ceilings and false ceilings
      • Transport of furniture
      • Polishing and buffing floors