Home Staging for Rent & Sale

Home staging for rent or sale

The concept of home staging is an important sales or rental tool in a property market. A property with the “wow” factor that others lack has far greater potential than the rest for that all important quick sale or rental.

Alternatively, if you are simply looking for restyle to improve your living environment without resorting to major construction work, a home stager will help you with anything from a de-clutter and tidy-up to a change of colour scheme and the introduction of key accessories.

Home stageing puts emphasis where it should lie, be it on a necessary building project, a new colour scheme, or simply the reorganization or addition of furniture or accessories.

It can be an emotional and stressful affair to sell / rent your property, particularly if it has been a home. We all get attached to our homes and are sometimes obliged to sell without wanting to. For home staging to be effective, the seller must try to mentally “move”.


    What we do

    • Work to a strict budget avoiding unnecessary spending on a property soon to be sold/rented. Sometimes home owners spend large sums of money on a property, unaware of the fact that what they have spent it on may not necessarily improve potential at all.
    • Focus only on relevant rooms or areas which need improvement to gain a maximum return. As little as 350 EUR can add as much as 1,500 EUR to your selling price and, of course, offer the best potential for the quick sale/let you dream of.
    • Clean living spaces meticulously as well as rearrange, de-clutter and neutralize.
    • If you wish to rent your property, restyle to achieve maximum rental potential. The stylist uses practical solutions to create an inviting, pristine, neutral home that will rent well .
    • Subtly emphasize selling/renting points and under play bad ones.
    • Complete all DIY and repair jobs throughout the home and organise any necessary small building projects.
    • If you are not selling, but have no time or inclination to give your property the finishing touch it deserves, home stageing will recreate your sense of style, often by using many of the existing furnishings. Space, light and harmony are optimised and accessories are added where necessary.