Once people have bought a new property, they often would like to bring their dreams of their second home in Spain.

There is where we come to the rescue.

We pride ourselves on many years of experience in construction and renovations, well developed aesthetic sense and knowledge of styling, understanding local building materials and techniques, as well as european ones (we had carried out our projects in Germany and Poland). We also cooperate with local subcontractors if necessary

The only limit of your dream come true is the legal prohibition of buildingd in the coutry side (campo) issued by Junta de Andalucia. Banned are also extentions and additions such as swimming pools in concrete unless they existed before and are allowed to be renovated and reconstructed.


What is still possible, although limited, is building/renovating a property in urban areas.

The majority of villas are build with a skeleton structure, which means that it is relatively easy to remove walls and create diffrent disposition of rooms.

Popular renovation projects are:

  • Creating open spaces (dining room / kitchen)
  • Bathrooms renovation
  • Fitting kitchens (modern/rustic)
  • Laying/renovation of patios
  • Adding wooden carports or pergolas
  • Adding swimming pools above-ground
  • Renovation of existing swimmning pools
  • Adding an outside kitchen
Every project begins with a detailed inventory for every renovation, studying your needs and your own designes. Because of extensive knowledge of a local market we are able to advise you on the design.

The work is started once the quotation has been signed and the first payment has been made. We take pictures and send you a weekly progress report by email/ Whatsapp. This way, you are continuously kept up to date and have the ultimate control over your renovation project.

Site inspections and financial control go hand in hand so you can trust that everything is happening in accordance to your wishes.